Who I Am

Hey, I'm Gianna, but you can
call me "G"

I'm a Photographer, but that's not who I am. First and foremost, I'm a Mama. A Mama to the sweetest/kindest, cutest, smartest, coolest 11-year-old, Nate (aka "lovebug" or just "bug"). I had him when I was only 19, so we are actually growing up together and he teaches me as much as I teach him. I'm also married to the funniest and hottest person on earth, Bree. We've been together eight years and married one, but I'm convinced that we have actually spent lifetimes together. She's way cooler than I am and makes a living leaving permanent marks on people (she's a badass Tattoo Artist and Owner of BC Tattoos). I'm obsessed with Indie music (The Lumineers are the best, don't fight me on this). I also love Led Zeppelin and Tupac/90's rap. I try to watch all of the Harry Potter and Twilight Saga movies every Fall. Speaking of Fall, it's definitely my favorite season, but Summer storms are the best in the mountains. I love standing outside when it rains here and taking  it in; it's the best scent ever. I love astrology; I'm a Libra sun,  Sagittarius moon and Scorpio rising; those are pretty spot on for me lol. I tend to ask too many questions, but it's because I'm genuinely curious how you keep on, keepin' on (famous words of my late Mama). More than likely, I'll snort when I laugh too hard and trip over my feet when I walk. Basically, I'm a normal human being and you can count on that.



GiannaChristinaPhoto_Our_Wedding_1.2.21-5651 copy.jpg

I believe in the kind of love that makes you feel like you've had lifetimes together... you know that feeling? yeah, me too. 

That's why I do this, boo.

My little fam bam


This is Nate

This kid is the damn best.