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I never thought that when I got into photography, that I would fall IN LOVE with photographing homes/BNB's! Something about capturing the hard work and personality of each one, is so rewarding. I know how much blood, sweat and tears go into your baby(ies) and I'm here to bring your vision to life! Let's vibe off of each other and make some magic to share with your visitors to enjoy as much as you do! 

Note: I am not a real estate photographer and these are not meant to replace real estate listing photos. I put my own spin on BNB photography. Think warm, dark and moody, but with more color (galleries at the end)! I love a well-curated space and I rely solely on natural light. So, if your home has a lot of natural light, you'll get the most bang for your buck!


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How much am I lookin' at?

Homes/BNB Photography

starts at


*For (1) bedroom 

Add $50 for each additional bedroom. Max of three (3) bedrooms.

This includes 65-90 edited, high resolution digital images, (depends on how many rooms) delivered on an online gallery, rights to use photos on BNB platforms/marketing, use on social media with photo credit.

The photos range from wide angles of each room to close ups/detail shots. One (1) vignette will be allowed.

- I take upwards of six hours for three bedroom home, so a full day would need to be reserved for your photoshoot. -


-Add ONs:-

"LIVED IN" Series

Give guests a clearer picture of what it looks like to live in your AirBNB!

(Think messy bed, breakfast vignette, candle lit bubble bath, etc.)

$300 for 35-40 photos

$500 for 70-80 photos

-This can take up to two hours.

$100 for 10 photos of:

"Twilight Photos"

- exterior only -

(aka "blue hour", to showcase outdoor seating by fire pit, etc.)

 "Seasonal Photos"

- exterior only -

(i.e. Winter snow, Fall trees, Spring  blooms, etc.)

DRONE Photography

$125 for 5 photos

$240 for 10 photos

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