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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get my photos back?

- You can expect mini or hour sessions within 7 business days!  Homes can take up to two weeks.

Will you be able to help me with styling/outfit recommendations? 

Absolutely! Styling can really make or break a shoot, believe it or not. Once you have made your deposit, I will send over my Pinterest link with outfit ideas  (for both guys and ladies!).

What is your style of photography? 

- I never really understood this question, TBH. But, my clients describe my work as "natural, rich, moody and romantic." I'll take it ;)

Do you offer posed photos?

- Kind of. I always start with "looking and smiling" photos, but I mostly direct and give you prompts for flattering angles. However, the majority of your gallery will be more "candid". I also do NOT force kids to smile. If they aren't into it, then you might get photos back of them looking grumpy lol.  I really try to embrace all emotions... not just the happy ones. If this frustrates you or you only want smiling photos, I'm not the photographer for you and that's totally okay.

Do I have to purchase printing rights to my photos?

- Printing rights are included in all of my packages; so no separate fees for this- yay! You will however, have to purchase physical prints (if you want them). You have the option to do this on your online gallery, but you can take them wherever to print.

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