• Gianna Christina Photo

Playful Family Photoshoot with Twins!| Big Bear Lake| Fall 2021|{Gianna Christina Photo}

The Sheridan's are some of my favorite people, ever! This fam drives all the way from Blythe each year to enjoy Big Bear Lake's beauty and have their photos taken by meee. And I just love that so much!

When Ashley first reached out to me for their maternity session after a long pregnancy and IVF journey, I knew I wanted to help tell their story through these memories. Ashley and DJ have been together for over 15 years (couldn't tell by the way they are still all over each other ;))... and being parents has been their greatest gift yet! Their adorable little toddlers, Sunday and Maverick, are just the sweetest little babes with so much personality, much like their parents <3 I have loved documenting this journey and watching the twins grow up! Plus, it's always fun to shoot the shit with Ash & DJ. We always pick up where we left off and talk about all things under the sun… from parenting to bedroom talk, we just love to have a good time! I am also so grateful that these two give me the freedom to do my thang and let the twins be themselves. Love you all so much, Sheridan fam!! <3

I hope you smile real big as you look at these, just like I was while taking and editing them :')