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Savanah & Hayden Silly, Romantic Engagement Sesh in Sugarloaf, CA| Late Fall{Gianna Christina Photo}

Updated: Mar 29

Ok okay o-k... where to start with these two?! I loved this day so much!!

First off, Sav is my super fabulous and talented nail tech <3 We met just before my 30th birthday and now she's my other therapist lol. We always have so much to catch up on and just love chatting about all things under the sun! Never a dull moment. She often would talk about Hayden and how much she loved this guy. She loves him a whole lot, y'all... and after finally meeting him, I can see why! He has so much personality and makes Sav laugh constantly. It's seriously cute AF. I rarely had to give these two any direction, because they just played a lot and felt comfortable enough to be themselves, since well, it's me lol.

I am so happy for these two finally getting their big day this Summer after five years of doin' life together! They have been through some hard times and have only come out stronger for it. Love these two!!

We chose this location in Sugarloaf (sub section of Big Bear City) for the epic sunsets, open landscape and 180 degree views of the tips of pine trees and mountains. And the way Sugarloaf mountain turns purple-blue during blue hour is just magical too!

Here you have the result of talking dirty, takin' digs at each other, and just bein' silly AF. Enjoy, my friends :))